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Tate Harmer Architects have estimated that it will cost approximately £1,000,000 to build The West London Farm. Thereafter the farm will seek grants for the ongoing upkeep as well as generating its own income.

In the first year of trading as a business, the object of The West London Farm would be to operate as a petting farm, encouraging visitors to interact with and learn about the animals and plants housed there. The café and shop would be open on a daily basis and the community space would be available for teaching and hosting events.

How much will West London Farm cost to run?

Staff Costs – £128,520
Animal Husbandry – £28,129
Marketing – £15,000
Support Costs – £12,000
Governance – £6,500

Annual Expenditure – £190,149

Within five years, The West London Farm would be established as a fully functional enterprise. The architectural design allows for the farm to grow steadily over the years to accommodate the increasing number and range of animals.

In addition to the petting areas, there would be animals raised for food with the farm’s meat and eggs being sold to the general public. There would also be honey and vegetables from the farm for sale. Courses in butchery, bee-keeping and animal husbandry would be run throughout the year.

A work experience programme would be well established within five years and the West London Farm would also be able to offer work to local residents, with particular emphasis given to employing first time offenders and the disabled. The Key Stage 4 Programme would be introduced making WLF a dedicated learning centre for young people excluded from mainstream education system.

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